Creating local jobs

The Territory Government is focused on creating jobs, growing the economy and laying the foundation for economic growth by encouraging private investment, delivering vital infrastructure, supporting industry and stimulating tourism.


Population growth

Attracting more people to the Territory is key to a stronger and more diversified economy.

Released in 2018, the Territory Government’s Population Growth Strategy is a framework for attracting people to the Territory, and encouraging those already here to stay for the long term. More people will mean more jobs, stronger growth and better services for Territorians.

Industry growth, diversification and delivery of quality services like healthcare and education rely on the availability of skilled workers. The Population Strategy details how, with cooperation from the private sector, non-government organisations and all levels of government, we attract people here and how we retain them.

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Strong buy local rules

Major projects, attracting investment, creating and sustaining jobs, buying local and growing tourism will boost local economies. We believe in encouraging Territory businesses to employ people who live here, rather than fly-in fly-out workers and enhancing the Territory lifestyle to attract people long term.

Government has introduced a strong new Buy Local Plan and a Buy Local Advocate to make sure local jobs come first. The Buy Local Plan gives local businesses greater opportunity to tender for and win government work. A Buy Local industry advocate is an independent link between local business and the Northern Territory Government.

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Buy Local Plan - Buy Local Plan

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Turbocharging tourism

Tourism is a cornerstone of the NT economy, supporting thousands of small and medium size businesses and 16 300 direct and indirect jobs across a range of sectors including tourism, hospitality, retail, arts and culture and transport.

The newly released Turbo 2 package is an extension of the Northern Territory Government’s tourism stimulus package and leverages off the momentum delivered through the initial Turbocharging Tourism initiative. Turbo 2 includes cooperative marketing with airlines and targeted national and international activities to increase holiday visitors and attract lucrative business events. Turbo 2 will attract more visitors, create more local jobs and put more money into the pockets of Territorians.

Go to Turbocharging Tourism website to read Turbocharging Tourism Action Plan which will continue to rollout in 2019.

Implement the 10 year Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure is a key enabler of economic development, which underpins our capacity to create jobs, increase productivity and stimulate growth. Infrastructure supports the quality of our social wellbeing, the future of our children, our cultural and lifestyle experiences and the services we use every day.

The Infrastructure Plan is informed by the Economic Development Framework.

In the short term the Infrastructure Plan will help industry, with its own planning and workforce management, and inform decision-making across all levels of government. Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

All statistics referred to in the Infrastructure Plan are based on 2015–16 unless otherwise stated.

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Concept only

Revitalise Darwin CBD

Darwin is one of the great tropical cities of the world. And great cities have great Central Business Districts (CBDs).

Our goal is a greener, cooler, modern tropical city... a transformation that will unlock the CBD's potential as an attractive, bustling and connected capital. To breathe new life into the Darwin CBD we are using science, art and activity.

To drive population growth, create more jobs and cement Darwin as a fantastic place to live, work and visit, we are working with the Australian Government and the City of Darwin to transform our city into a world class tourism and cultural destination.

Go to Creating a Better Darwin website to find out more or
Take a tour of some of the events, street art and projects that will help Darwin become a greener, brighter and more exciting place to be.
There is a lot to be done and these projects are just a snapshot of what is happening right now.

Darwin City Deal

The Darwin City Deal is a 10 year plan that will position Darwin as a vibrant and liveable tropical city. The Australian and Northern Territory governments, the City of Darwin and Charles Darwin University will work together to grow Darwin’s population, boost tourism, create a more vibrant city centre and support increased investment and business growth.

Our vision is for Darwin to be a thriving, vibrant, cool capital city, a trading hub of the north, a destination to visit and a place to call home.

The City Deal involves all three levels of government working with the local community to build on Darwin's strengths, and make it an even better city in which to work, study and live.

Revitalise Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the beating heart of Australia's Red Centre and our goal is to establish the region as Australia’s inland capital.

The revitalisation of the Alice Springs CBD will breathe new life into the town's centre to improve the liveability and attractiveness of Alice Springs for residents and visitors.

This vision presents possibilities for connecting people, culture and history in a move that will drive innovation and investment.

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Establish the Tennant Creek Mining Services Hub

The Northern Territory Government is committed to sustainable resources development for the benefit of Territorians.

The development of Tennant Creek as a mining, minerals and gas services and supply centre will help deliver new industries, business opportunities and employment to Tennant Creek and across the Northern Territory.

This priority work will seek to:

  • stimulate minerals and oil and gas exploration in the Barkly region
  • support mining development in a sustainable manner to maximise economic benefits and minimise environmental impacts
  • address environmental and public safety issues from historical mining activities.

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Barkly Regional Deal

The Barkly Regional Deal is a joint partnership between the three levels of government to support the region’s economic and social development.

The Barkly Regional Deal was developed in collaboration with the local community to meet their aspirations and recognise the Aboriginal peoples of the region as the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land.

Australia’s first ever regional deal introduces 28 economic, social and place‑making initiatives to improve the productivity and liveability of the Barkly region.

The Deal maximises the value of new and existing public investment through greater collaboration, alignment and coordination of regional investment priorities between the three levels of government.

Go to Department of Chief Minister website to find out more

Establish the Katherine Logistics and Agribusiness Hub

The Territory Government recognises the strategic importance of Katherine as a regional centre supporting the cattle and horticulture industries and servicing the surrounding communities. The town is a natural transport crossway connecting the Ord River and the Kimberley to the west, Alice Springs to the south and Queensland to the east.

Establishment of a Logistics and Agribusiness Hub in Katherine will support potential for future growth in the region. The Hub will also support the growth of the resource, defence, transport and tourism sectors.

Go to Department of Primary industry and Resources website to find out more

Potential agribusiness activities within the agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, pastoralism sectors have been identified which could support this development.

Read Big Rivers Region booklet

Deliver major projects

Major projects are significant contributors to the economic development of the Northern Territory including through the creation of jobs and business opportunities. These may be either private sector initiated or government facilitated projects.

The NT already has a track record of securing investment from proponents who look beyond the short term for significant investment opportunities.

Some of the world’s largest resource projects are located in the NT, including the $37 billion INPEX-led Ichthys LNG project.

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Resourcing the Territory

The resources sector plays a significant role in the Territory’s economy.

The NT Gas Task Force has been re-established to implement the Five Point NT Gas Strategy which includes studies for gas development of the Beetaloo Sub-basin, Darwin Harbour and Middle Arm.

These initial strategic studies will ensure the Territory is well positioned to capitalise on the growth of the oil and gas industry.

The recently released four–year Resourcing the Territory initiative includes a range of strategies designed to underpin the long-term sustainability of the Territory’s resources sector. The initiative provides for pre-competitive geoscience, investment attraction and exploration stimulus programs designed to increase exploration activity and success rates, and open up new areas of the Territory for exploitation.

It is the largest initiative ever undertaken to support resources exploration in the Northern Territory. It aims to make the Territory a preferred destination for exploration investment and support local businesses and communities that rely on the exploration and mining sector.

Go to Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration website to find out more

Economic Development Framework

A healthy economy increases job opportunities, population, standards of living, consumer choices and liveability. It also supports social and cultural activities and enhances services valued by the community, such as health care and education.

A strong private sector delivers the development and growth a healthy economy needs. Governments fund services primarily through taxes. It is private sector investment, not government investment, which grows business and industry to provide jobs and generate wealth.

In modern economies, governments enable and support economic activity through policies, laws and regulations. And in regional, growing economies, such as our Northern Territory, smart government investment can help catalyse private sector investment to accelerate development.

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Roadmap to Renewables

The Northern Territory Government is committed to 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 for electricity supplied to Territory households and businesses, while at the same time ensuring secure and reliable electricity at least cost to consumers and taxpayers.

To help achieve this goal, the government commissioned an expert panel to provide a report on possible policy options that may be suitable for the Territory. The panel’s report was publicly released on 27 November 2017. It provided 11 recommendations to guide the government to achieve the target. The Government supports or supports in-principle each of these recommendations.

The report also included a number of suggested actions for implementation against each of the recommendations.

Go to Roadmap to Renewables website to find out more

Recreational fishing infrastructure

Recreational fishing is a huge part of the Territory lifestyle and is a valuable economic driver, contributing more than $80 million a year to the Territory economy.

To fully understand its current value and unlock its full potential, the Northern Territory Government commissioned a new recreational fishing survey as part of its investment in recreational fishing.

Festivals and major events

Festivals and events deliver a strong cultural identity for a region, and have the potential to deliver broader economic and social benefits for the community and the Territory.

The Territory Government’s vision is to create compelling reasons to live in and visit the Territory and continues to position the Territory as an events destination.

Develop the arts trail

The Territory Arts Trail will link and enhance community art galleries, museums and keeping places, developing the Territory into a premier destination to experience Australian Aboriginal culture.

The Territory Government has announced a significant investment in cultural assets across the Northern Territory in order to create more local jobs and position the Northern Territory as a  world-class tourism and cultural destination.

Our Arts Trail recognises the talents of Territorians across all regions and will encourage visitors to explore, spend more during their holiday and stay longer.

Key transformational projects:

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Local Jobs Fund

The Northern Territory Government is establishing a co-investment fund to accelerate major and significant projects in the Territory.

The fund will support economic transformation projects and will help high growth potential Territory businesses to increase exports of goods and services both interstate and internationally.

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