Restoring trust

Territorians deserve a government they can trust. Smart governments are open, transparent and accountable. Good governments deliver their commitments and support the independent oversight of their decisions and actions to protect public interest.

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Funding the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC)

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) is a specialist investigator with a focus on corruption in government.

The ICAC works with the community to prevent, detect and report improper conduct.

The ICAC can investigate a wide range of improper conduct of persons/bodies previously outside the jurisdiction of Northern Territory watchdog bodies. The ICAC also has significant powers to protect people who have assisted or may assist in detecting, preventing, investigating or otherwise responding to improper conduct.

Reports made to the Office of the ICAC are legally protected, can be made anonymously, and are confidential.

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Protecting our environment

Good environmental policy is smart economic policy.

The Northern Territory is a unique and beautiful part of the world and our natural assets are very important socially, culturally, economically and environmentally. It is crucial that we respect and care for these unique and important assets by maintaining healthy ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.

The Territory Government is overhauling the current environmental regulatory system. Reforms are critical to achieving a robust regulatory system that the community will trust while encouraging industry investment and economic growth. Its ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable development in the Northern Territory.

The draft Environment Protection Bill and Regulations was made available for public comment late 2018, with submissions improving the proposed reforms and will assist to deliver sustainable development in the Northern Territory.

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Protecting our water resources

Our water resources drive and sustain our environment, our lifestyle and our economy. The regulatory framework that governs water resource protection, allocation and management in the Northern Territory must be able to meet contemporary environmental and economic challenges, to support fair, effective and transparent allocations and to foster efficient water use.

A range of reforms to the regulatory framework are proposed, guiding water resource protection, allocation and management in the Northern Territory.

A Directions Paper has been drafted which provides an overview of the existing regulatory framework, the case for reform and the proposed areas for reform.

Following feedback on the Directions Paper, a series of position and draft policy papers will be developed and provided to stakeholders and the community to generate discussion, test options and develop acceptable reform policies.